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Welcome! My name is Jon Augustine, but I am often called "Augo." I was born in the mid 1980's to an auto mechanic and a school teacher in Columbus, Nebraska--the second of their four children. My first twenty years were spent in that community, secluded and free among the agricultural lands of Platte, Butler and Polk counties. Those decades of calm, steady life and work supplied me with the blue collar heart and fascination for the wider human story that steers my photography and essay.

While studying at the university in Lincoln, Nebraska, I took up a wide range of interests. Photojournalism, history, geography, anthropology, agriculture and poetry all energized my pursuit to have an honest look at this world, to take pictures of it and write about it. This pursuit, I have come to realize, will be with me for life.

Today, I've taken up a small residence with my wife, Liesbeth, at a friend's ranch outside of Wimberley, Texas. From here I am available to travel almost anywhere. Here's a brief list of available services. Whether you need an editorial essayist or photographer, personal or family portrait photographer, a collaborator to help organize, edit, and research personal, village, neighborhood or natural histories, or just need some photography and/or writing done for your business, please feel free to reach out.

Let us learn together, discover together, and complete a project that will be an honest reference to this time and place for generations to come.


Jon "Augo" Augustine