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What is Augo P&E?

Put broadly, I am a media producer, specializing in still imagery and written word essays.

What kind of still images?

Augo P&E produces a variety of types of images for a wide range of intended communication. This includes:

Photojournalism: Human interest photography intended for publication. The photography is produced and edited in a manner that remains strictly within the parameters of the National Press Photographers Association’s Code of Ethics.

Portraiture: Photography of a person or persons, potentially staged and arranged with or without some elements of creative input of the client. A portrait could be for a journalistic publication, a client’s promotional purposes or for private use.

Nature & Landscape: Photography of a place or scene, flora and/or fauna, or human elements within a broader environment for artistic, private, commercial or promotional use.

Pets & Livestock: Photography of domesticated animals for private or commercial use.

Academic Research: Photography to be used in conjunction with published academic research in order to accentuate the contents of the research and/or the researcher/author’s material.

Architectural: Photography of the elements and/or entirety of a manmade and designed structure and the contents within.

Hobbies: Photography of a client and the product, operation or engagement with a hobby, for their private use.

Events: Photography of an event for a client’s personal or promotional use.

Business: A combination of any of the above for the express commercial or promotional use of a business or organization.

Product: Photography of a product generated by the client for the express use of their advertising or selling of said product.

Fine art: Commissioned photography to be used privately or in conjunction with another artistic enterprise, such as a musical album, or promotional materials and photographic artwork for books of fiction, poetry, short story, essay, etc.

What kind of written word?

Journalism: Articles and essays of varying word count, created in compliance with the industry’s ethical standards, that address a variety of human interest topics, including nature, science, agriculture, race and class/diversity interests. These articles and essays can be informational and/or editorial in nature.

Promotional: Articles, essays and abstracts of varying word counts to be used for promotional or commercial purposes. These works could be used in menus, brochures, advertisements, on business or organization’s websites, or in publications of product descriptions. Generally, this work would be done with some creative input from the client.

How much does it cost?

A few of these services are basically predictable enough to allow me to set a base fee and charge for extra time and expenses if they occur. However, most projects are entirely unique in their particulars, and require some communication before an appropriate estimate can be assessed. Either way, contact me to let me know what you are looking for (feel free to include a rough estimate of your budget) and I’ll respond as soon as possible with either an estimate or further questions.